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Not-a-man ifesto for October 10, 2019

Manifestos are not my love language.

Dance is important.

Dance is a performative act: Even when it is not a performance, there is a creation and recreation of relationship of body and identity that is enacted through dance.

Dancers are more than bodies, we are people.

The humanness of a dance cannot be pasted onto it, it has to be found through the dance.

The contemporary Western world demands that we are always on display and concurrently expects that we will be judged and shamed for that fact, and therefore, we are trained to exist with our head outside of our bodies.

We should see the world around us. We should see each other. We should be seen.

Breathing should be functional, not aesthetical.

Leave everyone better than when you met them. That doesn’t necessarily mean feeling better immediately.

I will do everything in my power to realize a deserving someone else’s dreams.

My time will come, or it won’t, and that will be good too.

No one listens enough, including me.

Make space, don’t take space.

It’s just dance.

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