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Frame of Reference

(2024) in collaboration with dramaturg Betsy Brandt, Jaden Monroe, and Yuno Kimura

Dramaturg's note: 

How do we frame and delineate a performance space like this stage? How can we unsettle our spectatorship of the proscenium and make its constructed dimensions more visible and more imbricated with the choreography it purports to contain? In this work, a single dancer travels methodically across the floor with sober concentration, navigating minimalized encounters with sounds, objects, and other bodies. There is logic here, but it is cryptic. The complex movement schema sits in austere juxtaposition to the simple geometries of the space. A haze of choreographic systems, conjured like a spell through the sequencing of one thing after another, starts to smudge the lines between dancer and landscape.

Photos by Cheyenne Smith

Photos by Black Valve Media + Ricardo Adame


(2023) Created with Alfonso Cervera

Planted in the fields of Illinois, we meet by chance.

What resonates in the rhythms of our four feet?

What do we build that withstands physical distance?

What queer future can we become? We continue to wonder.

Jack be nimble

(2022) with Jacob Henss

Jack be nimble

Jack be quick

Jack be interesting

Jack be hot

Jack be Jack

Jack and Diane


Jack and Diane uses improvisational dance tactics to illuminate the allure, the futility, and the impossibility of the mythical American dream. In the solo performance, Emadian calls on the ghosts of dance, music, and family, to excavate their cultural hardwiring.


(2021) Rendered via experimental video, improvisational dance practice, written archive, and photographic still, and accompanied by costumes designed by Latina-futurist, Larissa Almansa, MASCCHAOS imagines a choreographic microcosmos from beginning to vibratory end. With the shared knowledge of a cohort of women, queer, and non-binary co-authors from across the United States, Emadian chronicles the practice of seeing, watching, echoing, and of a shared experience of dancing alone together.

The work is accompanied by a virtual webbing of the interactions between Emadian and collaborators, and is being chronicled via instagram and blogging


(2020) Directed by Latrelle Bright with musical direction by Dr. Julie Jordan Gunn. This joint production celebrating Krannert Center’s 50-year partnership with the School of Music, Lyric Theatre @ Illinois, Illinois Theatre, and Dance at Illinois. In a historical moment marching toward unimagined horrors, a sexually free cabaret Emcee guides us on a journey through the lives of the naïve, the passive, the respectable, the nationalistic, the fervent, and the optimistic while exposing the hypocrisy of the Nazi party’s decadence before its power crashes down upon them in 1930 Berlin.

(2020) explores the exhaustion of queer existence through the dynamics of gravity and falling. Throwing into high relief questions surrounding singularness, the solo form, loss, and legibility, the work features original costume design, sound design, and lighting design in addition to choreography by Elliot Reza Emadian. Blurring boundaries of improvisational and set form, entropy fades into and out of focus on an energetic rollercoaster through hyper-saturated, hyper-physical phrasing, traversing the space of the dance and slingshotting the gaze of performance out through some "audience" into a future, looking back on the present.  

see the work here

Photos by Sara Dotterer